About Pura Alpaka

Known for its incredible thermal property and for its impressive beauty and softness.

Alpacas belong to the South American Camelid family. Originals from the Andes where they live in freedom, cared for by peasants at high altitudes.

For this reason our house has decided to use these alpaca wool from Peru, where the animal lives naturally and freely.

All the major fashion houses around the world use alpaca wool for their best products; 90% of the world production of this raw material belongs to Peru.

For this reason, the manufacture of 100% alpaca wool garments is very rare.

Our house, due to its way of working and due to its direct elaboration in the place of origin, we can offer our clients a handmade and exclusive product of 100% pure alpaca.

In collaboration with magnificent artisans we are carrying out this great project that will help us show the world the innumerable wonders that Peru offers .

That is why at Pura Alpaka we distinguish ourselves by working with small Peruvian artisans, with this we want to help the economic and social development of small indigenous communities of our Country.

At Pura Alpaka, as animal lovers, our products are free of animal cruelty, we do not work with large producers or large companies, we are a SUSTAINABLE brand .